dimanche 28 février 2021

10 years

Thanks to Catherine Drea at Foxglove lane, I just realized that it’s time to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of bateaux de papier!

10 years started with no idea of what bateaux de papier could be, 10 years blessed by many meetings, precious friendships, and thrilling collaborations. Thanks to all of you !

There may not be many people around here any more, but I am still enjoying blog format, more than image fluxes of Instragram (though I could have a go some day).

And yet. Elsa is now so grown up that bateaux de papier is on the way to turn into a season flowers’ diary. I sometimes feel I need a change, and am slowly maturating more focused photograpic projects … they will, or won’t, happen.

For the time being, here is seasons, a small book, selection of images gathered all over the years, along with a few season’s haikus (sorry, french version only; I should take time to find english versions - or translate).

premier rêve de l'année -
au fond de la forêt
le cerisier d'antan
Ozawa Minoru
 averse de pétales -
je voudrais boire
l'eau des brumes lointaines !

Kobayashi Issa

 nulle trace
de celui qui a pénétré
dans le bois d'été

Masao Shiki

je m'assoupis
un nuage de canicule
sur les genoux
Kobayashi Issa
 la blanche rosée
n'a qu'une couleur
teint-elle de mille nuances
les feuilles d'automne ?

Fujiwara no Toshiyuki

on brûle les chrystanthèmes fanés
dans les flammes
la couleur des fleurs
Fukami Kenji

mardi 9 février 2021