vendredi 25 février 2011


I‘ve always liked anemones, and so does Elsa now. 
Wintry flowers, opening at dawn and catching the pale light of the day.

mercredi 23 février 2011

Flying violin

Today playing a new piece. Elsa starts with the new rhythm on the drum while we sing the notes together; then I stop singing and let her go on. “You see mama, that’s just like a glider: it has to be launched in the air so that it can fly. First you sing with me and now I fly by myself.”

Flying !

mardi 15 février 2011

A Birthday Party

Seventeen little ones, aged 2 to 8, at home ! …a little too many maybe, but I loved it !
We played Hansel and Gretel's paper theatre, a collaboration of Elsa and I.

The gingerbread witch's house (first time in my life I did that, very proud of it!)

Happy birthday Elsa!

Elsa's birthday invitation card: a singing whale and a rainbow

mercredi 9 février 2011

Happy Birthday Elsa

 les anges

ton livre

quand donc furent ouvertes les pages ?

Guennadi Aïgui (trad. Léon Robel)
Roses d'Eteri in Le cahier de Véronique

книгу твою

коѓда это былираскрыты страницы?

Γеннадий Aйти
Тетрадь Вероники


Happy birthday Elsa ! You came with the winter snowdrops on a snowy day. That was six years ago… 
We like to read this book from Tadao Miyamoto, "Boku to Okaasan", a present from Elsa's grandmother. This image always reminds me on her birth day. The snow by the window and the new born child and mother resting.

 Felt snowdrop, precious birthday present to Elsa from my friend Anuschka.

A northern wind had frozen the grass;
Its blades were hoar with crystal rime,
Aglint like light-dissecting glass
At beam of morning-prime.

From hidden bulb the flower reared up
Its angled, slender, cold, dark stem,
Whence dangled an inverted cup
For tri-leaved diadem.

Beneath the ice-pure sepals lay
A triplet of green-pencilled snow,
Which in the chilled-aired gloom of day
Stirred softly to and fro.

Walter de la Mare
From The Snowdrop in The fleeting and Other Poems

mercredi 2 février 2011