mardi 15 février 2011

A Birthday Party

Seventeen little ones, aged 2 to 8, at home ! …a little too many maybe, but I loved it !
We played Hansel and Gretel's paper theatre, a collaboration of Elsa and I.

The gingerbread witch's house (first time in my life I did that, very proud of it!)

Happy birthday Elsa!

Elsa's birthday invitation card: a singing whale and a rainbow

3 commentaires:

  1. Incredible setting of Hansel and Gretel's paper theatre!!!
    And, I also love your invitation card dear little elsa!!
    No only I like the concept of a singing whale, your drawing is so beautiful.
    So much fun.
    Love that gaze in Elsa's eyes in the first pic :)
    The post is very inspiring!!
    Thanks for sharing dear Amélie!

  2. Happy birthday, my dear beautiful Elsa!
    Love the paper setting and the invitation card as well! I love all these artistic and creative feelings. You draw as good as the kid:p),dear Amelie! Love the "white trees"!

  3. How wonderful her party was!
    I think heartful handmade party is the best present for the child.
    Elsa,her white dress...She looks like a princess.She is really beautiful.
    I love her birthday invitation card very much.
    The combination a singing whale and a rainbow is so nice.