lundi 25 juillet 2011


Since we moved last spring, our lives are  filled with paint, dust, and the hassles of inexperienced attempts  to restore our new (old) house. It is often a bit depressing, and my heart is longing for a time when we will feel home again…. 
but the place is blessed by an old rosebush, covered in roses since mid-May. Roses bloom and fade, new buds come and bloom again…

jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Black & White

Before the dance gala, Paris June 2011

Outdoor music, Cabrerets, Lot, July 2011

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Solstice night

Solstice feast at school
... and the charming cherry blossom apron from Alexandra

dimanche 3 juillet 2011

Rabbit tales

 Elsa and I love the work of  Komako Sakai.
Her books are treasures of poetry and tenderness. 
Here, Elsa enjoys her  « The Velveteen Rabbit». 

My very old rabbit, still alive.

This very old book has first been read by my parents.  
Then it became one of my favorite readings as a child
 I read it to Elsa last summer, and was amazed how a 5y old 
could  stick to that long 300 pages novel.  
She enjoyed it so much that she’s now asking  for a third reading

... now playing the adventures of Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig with her rabbit toys.

Flying rabbit.