lundi 25 avril 2011

Spring in the courtyard

A parcel from Norway


A parcel has come from Norway bringing Fei An’s delicate and poetic handwork
Dear Fei An, Elsa wants you to know that she adores the dress. 
She said it’s her favourite one. Of course she immediately put it on !

mercredi 20 avril 2011

Chinese calligraphy

Last year, before a trip to Japan, I taught Elsa a few 漢字. Lately she found images of calligraphy and calligraphers at work, wanted to do it also, and learnt the word "calligraphy".
Of course I know very little about it and don't have proper ink, paper and brushes. So she used watercolours and tried her favourite ones: 日本, , , , 竹。She went on with a few others she found in a small漢字 book for children I had bought her. However she decided that was too complicated for her yet !