lundi 25 avril 2011

Spring in the courtyard

5 commentaires:

  1. Just love and love everything...the light, the shadows, the flowers,the scarf, the color, her face expression, her gesture and movement....Thank you for this beautiful post! Dear Amelie, I am thrilled to see these pictures.

  2. Wonderful! And Fei An's dress just suits her marvelously!

  3. Beautiful images and gorgeous child!

  4. Elsa has filled the air with spring and joy!
    I love your courtyard, the space, the stones, the walls, the grass, the flowers ... It's a nice place to plant beautiful memories :)
    Elsa looks gorgeous in Fei An's beautiful dress!

  5. Both of Elsa and Fei An's dress are wonderful,so beautiful.
    The combination of the scarf and the dress is perfect!!!
    I love to look at flowers through your eyes.