vendredi 17 juin 2011

Le luthier de Venise

When I saw the pictures of Iza playing violin in Venice, I remembered 
« Le luthier  de Venise » and its  beautiful illustrations by Frédéric Clément.
I had not read it for years. Elsa was first a bit frightened by the Venician masks, 
but as soon as I began reading she fell in love with  the story of the cello turned back to a tree by the magic of music …

Elsa’s wisteria-violin

lundi 6 juin 2011

The snow queen. Владислав Ерко

Elsa’s ukrainian godmother and godfather, our dear friends Elena and Konstantin, offered us this beautiful version of the Snow Queen. We discovered the stunning illustrations of Vladislav Yerko, also illustrator of a version of « Alice in Wonderland » and « Through the looking glass ».