vendredi 17 juin 2011

Le luthier de Venise

When I saw the pictures of Iza playing violin in Venice, I remembered 
« Le luthier  de Venise » and its  beautiful illustrations by Frédéric Clément.
I had not read it for years. Elsa was first a bit frightened by the Venician masks, 
but as soon as I began reading she fell in love with  the story of the cello turned back to a tree by the magic of music …

Elsa’s wisteria-violin

6 commentaires:

  1. I wish to buy it for Sara someday.
    What's a beautiful and magical book!
    And,Elsa with violin is more beautiful and magical than it.

  2. Thanks for such a magical story, dear Amélie. I'm fascinated!! This ignites my imagination on magic of music and starts to visualize this happening when seeing Elsa with her violin, and, also when listening to iza's playing :)
    Beautiful beautiful story and Elsa's interpretation is lovely!
    Have a nice week!

  3. Un classique depuis des années.
    Je l'adore aussi.

  4. Comme j'aime ce billet! Je suis revenue le voir...
    Un petit qq chose pour vous sur le blog!
    Bonne semaine!

  5. Oh j'aime ces photos! La tunique de Fei An et les rubans dans les cheveux! :o)