lundi 6 juin 2011

The snow queen. Владислав Ерко

Elsa’s ukrainian godmother and godfather, our dear friends Elena and Konstantin, offered us this beautiful version of the Snow Queen. We discovered the stunning illustrations of Vladislav Yerko, also illustrator of a version of « Alice in Wonderland » and « Through the looking glass ».


7 commentaires:

  1. This is such a beautiful book! It is a work of art. Elsa looks very much like the girl in the book!!! Both of them can talk with their eyes.
    Thanks for the beautiful snow in the sky :)

  2. Oh magnifique! et la photo de Elsa après le dessin, encore plus! Merci pour vos visites et si gentils commentaires.

  3. L'histoire préférée de l'une de mes filles.
    Les illustrations sont superbes.

  4. I have fallen in love with illustrations of Vladislav Yerko since I saw them here.
    I am sure it is so wonderful experience for children to meet beautiful picture books.
    Dear Amelie,thank you for sharing it with us.
    I love picture books,and I collect them.

  5. C'est très très beau , j'adore !

  6. Wow, this is so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Always felt so happy to see so many wonderful and talented people in different parts of the world doing great things.