dimanche 29 mai 2011


For so many years, my mother kept our children toys.
I’m so thankful to her, seing them back to life when we visit her. 
Elsa is playing "Thumbelina" with my little wooden doll, once called Lisa.

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  1. Hi Lisa, nice to meet you :) You seems having a nice time with sweet Elsa. Your world is filled with beautiful lights, flowers and people.

    Your tender words filled my heart since my own dolls only existed in memories. I would love to see one day iza's little child would play with iza's toys. I would keep little treasures for iza and someone i will meet in the future :)

    Thanks dear Amélie for sharing such a lovely episode.

  2. Merveilleux absolument merveilleux! Les couleurs, la tendresse, les mots... Merci pour ce voyage de rêve!

  3. Tous les jours je raconte une histoire à mes petits élèves avec de petites marionnettes comme la tienne...après ils se tiennent autour de la table pour m'imiter.
    Mais aucun parent n'a fait l'effort de s'en procurer. Pas facile de les sensibiliser !

  4. I think it so wonderful that your mother kept your children toys.I will do same thing for Sara,too.
    I love your way to catch blue color.
    I love to look at Elsa's beautiful face in profile.

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