mercredi 4 mai 2011

Easter by the sea (2)

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  1. This is really beautiful!!! So warm already!
    I love the cloth you made for Elsa, I suppose you made it:)

  2. Beautiful Elsa,beautiful sea.
    The beautiful calm always exists in your blog.
    I love the calm you made very much.

  3. These images are fueled with free spirit! I love the distant shot of Elsa sitting in the puddle of water and also her joyful face!
    The patterns left by the water on the sand are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing such wonderful things!

  4. Come and watch the pictures again! I am listening to this music:

    Then, it became a movie, French movie, and Elsa is running by the sea....

  5. Dear Fei An, thank you for the link. Schubert is one of my favourites. And one of my secret wishes is that one day, Elsa and I will play Schubert's pieces for piano and violin together (of course, I shall start piano again, after 15 years of musical silence)... and it may well be that Elsa will be ready before I am.
    And, yes, I made Elsa's clothes here, greatly inspired by VDJ's 2010 summer collection.

    Dear all friends, thank you for your warm comments. We've just move, and our lives are a bit shaken and tiring right now. Your nice words are moment of peace in my life, like being at home, a feeling we are longing for in our new place.