samedi 7 mai 2011

Spring Blue

Embroiderie for Elsa by my mother

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  1. Dear Amelie, I am impressed by the embroiderie for Elsa by your mother, how beautiful! Do you make the skirt yourself as well? If so, I am shocked. I plan to buy similar skirt for Anja and Anette in China. While to my impression, it is the miniority people in the farplace in China that often wear this kind of skirts. I like miniority or folk art so much:) This set of picture is totally poetic. It is a little movie to me, once again!

  2. Dear Fei An,
    I didn't make the skirt. It does indeed come from the Miao minority in southern China. I also love very much their folk art.

  3. Que c'est beau! Everytime I come here I feel I am entering a field of dream. Thank you... and Happy Mother's day should you be celebrating it today!

  4. Penser aux mains habiles dessinant à petits points des glycines pour une adorable petite fille.
    Belle semaine.

  5. Your place is like a shelter where i can drink in peace!
    Is it your garden? It's so nice to play music outdoor and be surrounded by all beautiful flowers. I particularly love pale blue/violet flowers :) The embroiderie by your mother is precious.
    Iza has a very similar Miao skirt. so am I love the folk art of the minorities :)

  6. Dear Amelie
    Your spring blue is so beautiful.Blue is my most favorite color.I bought a blue summer dress for Sara the other day.
    The embroiderie by your mother fascinates me very much.