mardi 10 mai 2011

Paris' mosque

We’ve just moved. Before we leave, Elsa asked me to go and take pictures of places she likes around our home. The first one is Paris’great mosque, with its peaceful garden and its tea room where she enjoys mint tea and rahat loukoum.

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  1. This is truly inspiring!!!
    Love the light, the shadow and the pattern of the mosque wall...
    Before the last five picture, I think it would be nicer if you give a small blank space for transition:p)
    I am also thinking that Elsa can be an actor. I always love her face expression...

  2. I love your idea dear Elsa! It's a great idea to keep record of places around where we live!!!
    It's such a tranquil place. Beautiful reflections and lights, colors, lines and patterns! I love architecture of mosques. And, sweet Elsa has brought life to this scenery.
    And, I LOVE so much her grey "sweater", did you make it dear Amélie?

  3. Dear Fei An, you're very right (I knew some blank space was missing somewhere, but didn't know where to place it!). Is it better now ?
    Elsa has not thought about becoming an actor so far... she had wanted to become a cosmonaut where aged three (wishing to fly to Mars!), then a violonist (she's quite fascinated by her violin teacher who is not only a teacher but also a concert artist), and sometimes, of course, a microscopist like her scientific parents (she's seen her first electron microscope aged 6 weeks!). Though now I come to think about it, becoming an actor could suit her very well...

    Dear Alliot,
    I also love architecture of mosque. One of my old dreams is to see the ones in Samarkand under the snow...
    And, yes, I did the "sweater", which is rather a woolen dress (and green!), and the liberty dress underneath, and the golden shawl ....

  4. Paris is the one of my most favorite place in the world.I have been to Paris only once.
    I wish I can visit Paris with Sara within a few years.The beauty of Elsa is always perfect.

  5. Lovely rendering of a beautiful place. Et le thé à la menthe y est si bon! Elsa is enchanting!

  6. La 8ème photo est extraordinaire. Et cet endroit, oui, comme je comprends Elsa ...