lundi 21 octobre 2013

Colour stones

Those who have followed our photographic work with Alexandra for « La princesse au petit pois », already know where our trip through the US has led us. Yellowstone national park is one of these places of absolute beauty that outreaches dreams and expectations. Of course, I had seen spectacular images of the park’s colourful hot springs and geysers, of course I knew about wildlife everywhere, but from the very first minute we entered the park, with its every corner filled with jewels, whether spectacular or discrete, it has been a breathtaking wonderment. From the surprisingly warm water of a bright green clear water creek to the steamy wind carrying sulphur scents that comes in wrapping bursts, from bison herds gathering at sunset in the majestic Hayden valley, to the still silence of remote hidden lakes or the warmth of black basalt beaches, on the first night there I couldn’t sleep haunted by too much beauty.

We were also blessed to travel with our dearest friends Elena, Konstantin and Maxim and share with them these precious moments.

While it was obvious that any photographic attempt was pointless, of course, stupidly, I took even more photos than usual. With the result that I still don’t know how to handle these in a somewhat structured manner, and probably will bore you here with endless series.