lundi 21 février 2011

Quiet afternoon

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  1. Dear Amélie, I would like to say that the fabric of Elsa's dress is very Chinese:) I mean, the pattern, we have this kind of traditional blue and white with printed pattens cotton fabric in China. I would like to make a collection with this kind of fabric some day. I know, the fabric might be french, so please don't take my words into your mind:) Do you make the dress? It looks very beautiful on Elsa. She is such a little artist:) Anja and Anette both are very interested in needle work as well:) I saw your painting. So, here is an other artist to whom I admire most:)

  2. Such lovely moments of reading and sewing.
    It's wonderful to submerse and embrace our children with arts and crafts, and books.
    I love little Elsa's dress so much, the fabric and the collar. So graceful.

  3. Thank you both of you for your warm comments.
    The fabrics is Japanese, not french (though I bought it in France). It comes in 35 cm width 10 meters long rolls, to be used for kimono making. It was hard to convince the saleswoman to allow me but a small amount for this dress ! If you're really interested Fei An, it's very easy for me to ask for more ...

  4. Thanks Amelie, I will wait a bit and maybe I will take a trip to Japan this summer. Will see:)