vendredi 25 février 2011


I‘ve always liked anemones, and so does Elsa now. 
Wintry flowers, opening at dawn and catching the pale light of the day.

5 commentaires:

  1. I like the embroidery on the dress, did you make it? Thanks Amelie, for your warm and encouraging comments to my work. I will be better at what I am doing and deserve more of your comments.
    Have a nice weekend!
    I really love her hair:)

  2. Oh! Comme c'est beau... J'aime bien vous visiter également! Merci pour votre gentil mot.

  3. Dear Fei An, no, the embroidery is not my work (did'nt try embroidery yet!). This is quite an old dress, we bought when she was 2, a time I did not sew yet. It then was a long dres, and is nearly skirt now !
    Thank you dear Kenza for nice word and visits.

  4. I have never seen such beautiful anemones before!
    Off course,1th picture is so beautiful,but I love the last picture much more.

  5. Beautiful anemones!
    The intricate relationship between mama and daughter is always fascinating ... maybe your love of anemones is from your mama? Tiny little things "tie" us with our family and our child :)
    Love your words describing anemones ... "opening at dawn and catching the pale light of the day". Tender scene.