mercredi 23 février 2011

Flying violin

Today playing a new piece. Elsa starts with the new rhythm on the drum while we sing the notes together; then I stop singing and let her go on. “You see mama, that’s just like a glider: it has to be launched in the air so that it can fly. First you sing with me and now I fly by myself.”

Flying !

3 commentaires:

  1. Children are really angels from heaven. All these pictures of Elsa and her words lift my spirit!

  2. I love Elsa's graceful air.
    As Fei An said,Elsa is a really angel, so a beautiful angel...
    and,the interior of your house is so chic!
    I want to see it more.

  3. Elsa is a wise kid! I enjoy so much her "gliding" philosophy ( and pictures ). It's full of wisdom.
    I wish I could help launching iza in the air, so she can fly :)
    The last picture is sublime!