vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Happy New Year

you asked me what I were doing.
"searching through blogs, looking for inspiration to make your next winter clothes" said I.
"what's a blog mama ?
that's a place on the internet, where people share with others what they like, what they do, what they think, what they live … this nice one is by the mother of these two little girls.
they're Japanese ? (we travelled to Japan last year)
no they're Chinese, but they live in Norway, under the sky of Scandinavia
could you make a blog for me too, mama ?
hum …
mama, why didn't you make me Chinese ?"

So it happened that I didn't make you Chinese, but I do open this blog today. About our lives, moments of light and joy, about things I like and things you like, things to share and remember, about the pleasure to be together, our little everyday life.

Winter in Sologne. Our Christmas present to Elsa: the jacket from Naïve days and a home made skirt of white quilted cotton.

  My Christmas present from Elsa: watercolour on washi paper.

2 commentaires:

  1. Big Wow! This is truly amazing!!! Dear Amélie.
    Are all these pictures taken by you? I am amazed. Spectacular! So nice you do manage to open this blog for Elsa at the beginning of a new year. Looking forward to more post of Elsa. I love specially the one in the last picture. How beautiful the light! Keep it up! Have a wonderful weekend!:)

  2. Dear Fei An, thank you for your cheerful words. They mean a lot to me, and they inspire me with courage to carry on this blog...