dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Elder berries

Our old elder tree also produces berries. One of our favourite summer dessert, as a coulis on poached peaches and strawberries.

3 commentaires:

  1. Dear Amelie, your pictures are serene. I always love to be here. So peaceful.
    Your "old stone" series are so beautiful. Little Elsa was a fairy wandering in the old and gold days. Precious!
    Thanks so much for your every word.

  2. Dear Amelie, We have a Elder berry tree in our yard as well. However, it is in red color. So, it might have another name. It is berry tree indeed:)
    Grandpa and grandma had picked up the berries while we were in Beijing:) We will have berry desert next weekend at their home to celebrate Anja, Pappa and grandma's birth day together:)
    Have a good start of the week! Yes, I love your peaceful life as well...can feel your calmness.

  3. Oh cela sent bon dans votre cuisine! et les couleurs! Merci pour cela.