jeudi 8 mars 2012

Ice. 冰

Walking on the lake of Joux, Switzerland.

8 commentaires:

  1. Divines... (les photos, la maman, la fille !)

  2. Superbes! tout comme le caractère pour "ice" il est beau n´est-ce pas?

  3. Je pensais que vous étiez en Islande !!!
    Bon week end.

  4. How surprise,especially 8th photo! I love color of this post.white,blue,brown mixed beautifuly.Her knitted hat is so lovely.

  5. you know... as I am originally Greek, I am still scared to walk on icy lakes : (
    I prefer to stand on the shore and look at this magnificent view

    enjoy your weekend : )

  6. I never walk on a lake. I know I will be anxious ... too anxious.
    What a wonderful series ! Different shade of white and blue. Love that igloo shot. I wonder how it feels hiding inside ...

  7. Hello Amélie, hello Elsa,
    I had to scroll down to this post for its magnificant colours, beautiful scenery and lovely miss Elsa.
    Is that a snow-rabbit? It's very sweet!
    We live by a wide river, and we always cross it on feet or on kicksled, but not this year, the ice has been too thin. Now it's hardly any left.
    Lilli x

  8. Très belle série, palette hivernale.
    Je me demande quel est ton lien avec la Suisse...
    (ça c'est pour ma curiosité ;-)