mardi 17 avril 2012


For our hodilays in Switzerland, I usually plan many activities (like learning how to ski, for example). And once there, of course we go for a stroll along the Leman, and then settle there for most of the time, wandering peacefully in the everchanging lights of the lake. This is home.

7 commentaires:

  1. This lake is my origin.
    And somehow, difficult to share...
    even though I am an expatriate, even though I may never return there, even though it is a free choice to leave away from it, it is somehow painful to just admire it through pictures.
    Thank you for remembering this place Amélie and to share it with me in a certain manner. I hope you will understand my note...
    Love and kisses!

  2. une petite fée dans un immense bleu

  3. Oh! and it feels like home. Beautiful! Magical!

  4. Belle découverte que ce petit espace de la blogo. Vos photos sont magnifiques et cet endroit tout simplement onirique. Moi qui suis prise dans une inertie sans fin, ça me donne soudain envie de plier bagage et d'y aller.
    Merci pour ce partage

  5. How magical, beautiful Switzerland!
    Elsa looks like a water nymph!
    I am so fascinated with beautiful light and beautiful her smile.