samedi 6 octobre 2012


Every year, in the ending summer of September, Elsa and I take the train to Roscoff, a small city on the northern coast of Brittany. And enjoy together a few days of wind and cool water.

3 commentaires:

  1. J'aime ces piscines en bord de mer, nous retrouvons les mêmes à Dinard.
    Bon dimanche.

  2. Elsa is such a charming little girl and there is a wonderful end of summer feelling on your photos : )

  3. Hello Amélie,

    I have just left a comment on Trish's blog Soul Soup Sister just beneath yours and I am overjoyed to have found my way here. There is so much poetry in your pictures. I think your journal for your beautiful Elsa is a wonderful idea. Are you familiar with the North Australian blog One Claire Day? If not please pop over and see it because I think you both have the same magical way of capturing your daughters and life around them. Making the ordinary extraordinary.

    I too live in France; near Tours although before I lived in Paris and Normandy. I am half French and half English. I am also your latest follower.

    Have a beautiful week.