vendredi 13 septembre 2013

The purple meadow ... and beyond

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  1. Dearest Amélie,

    I am so grateful to you for sharing my flower meadow and hare pictures on your beautiful blog. Thank you very much!

    It is wonderful to see you here again. Are these photographs of Chaumont too? I think the one of Elsa with her blue diaphanos ribbon is beautiful and I can almost feel the dry warmth of the sunlight on this grey, rainy day :-)

    Whilst your style is completely unique I cannot help but notice that both you and I like to take pictures of details and themes. I'd rather take a photo of vivid yellow lichen on a stone wall than take the whole wall...

    I hope Elsa's 'rentrée' went well and I wish her much joy for this school year. Next week the guitare and music theory classes start up again for Tristan.


  2. ps Sorry for the typing mistake on 'diaphanous'! ;-)

  3. this is such a beautiful place!
    wonderful photographs dear Amelie : )

  4. i can almost feel the light air
    and the sweet autumn sun.

  5. So beautiful the last days of summer, soaking in the heat for as long as possible, the purples gentle on the eyes. Xo's