vendredi 6 décembre 2013


Our return home was enlighted by the visit of very dear friends. Thank you dearest Fei An, Anja, Anette and Atle for the precious days we spent together. Here, and there.
Everybody here is wearing the always magical Fei An's creations for Naive Days.

7 commentaires:

  1. I am, quite simply, lost for words. These pictures are breathtaking and each time I catch a glimpse of your perception of your world, I see visual symbols and so many beautiful little touches...

    Bravo Amélie.

  2. Oh this is wonderful! So nice to see them together. Lovely lovely photos. Thank you!
    Hi Fei An! I miss you!

  3. How beautiful the moments were! Lovely companions! I enjoy so much to see through your lens, everytime you lead us to see the world in a pure and sensational perspective. Thanks so much dear Amelie!

  4. wonderful to see you all together again
    in this wondrous setting!

  5. Thank you my friend! I am so honored to be in your pictures:) These pictures are so precious to me and I am so glad that I made the trip for the girls to meet in Pairs. The moments and the pictures are beyond the words that I can put together to decribe about. Thank you again, my dear friend!

  6. Dear friends,
    Thanks to all of you, for your frienship, for your words here, the most precious encouragements.
    It is wonderfull fto know you, whether we have met of not ... yet ...
    And I'm also very touched that Fei, Alliot and Kenza are all together again on this page.
    Much love to all.