dimanche 9 février 2014


Nine years ago, light snow flakes were dancing in an icy sky. 
Today, the wind is playing with clouds heavy with rain, passing by.
Born with the snowdrops, Elsa is nine today. 
Happy birthday my dear.

11 commentaires:

  1. Joyeux anniversaire douce Elsa !! Je te souhaite en ce jour si spécial des étoiles plein les yeux.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Elsa! I`m so glad that I have had the chance to watch you grow into the most beautiful young lady! Amélie, the portraits you take of Elsa are gorgeous! Thank-you for sharing and for being a wonderful friend!

  3. Dear, sweet, beautiful, unique Elsa! Happy birthday to you! May this following year be full of wonder, magic and fulfillment...and play too!

    You know, Amélie, Angélique was born end of January and Tristan will be ten next Saturday. I always associated them both with snowdrops too...and glittering frost... and snow...and spring waiting round the corner. What a wonderful time to celebrate one's birthday.


  4. oh! Joyeux anniversaire! Si belle, si grande déjà, et encore et toujours tendre dans le coeur de sa maman. Félicitations à vous deux et plein de bises!

  5. happy birthday little elsa!

  6. Dear Elsa
    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    I have never seen such a elegant lady of 9 years.
    I wish you will have more wonderful time than ever.

  7. happy, happy days to you, dear, precious elsa!
    i can just see you arriving in a cloud of snowdrops . . .

  8. happy birthday to dear elsa,

    let her new year be filled with
    beautiful days and sceneries!

  9. Joyeux Anniversaire, chere et belle Elsa!!
    I hope it was a super fun day! You are all very, very special...
    So much beauty and LOVE here!

  10. Dear Amélie and Elsa, Happy birthday and wonderful year ahead to you both! Such a beautiful daughter, such a beautiful childhood.
    I had actually been recently wondering how old your Elsa is. My Chessa is 9 for a bit longer (thank goodness for baby Elsa's!)
    And oh, the sweet little snowdrop girl! Did you make her yourself?
    Renee <3