mercredi 5 mars 2014


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  1. Dear Amélie,

    The sun is shining, there's a slight frost on the grass and I can hear the song of a persistant bird! It's glorious and I am so VERY glad I chose your snowdrop post to start my morning with! Last week I stopped a couple of times to pay tribute to the carpets of snowdrops in woody areas knowing, before long, they would already have disappeared and spring would be well and truly underway. It seems strange this year after the mild winter we've had. I almost feel as though we don't deserve this show of delicate beauty as the weather has been so terribly mild.

    But enjoy it I will. And truly, dear Amélie, as always YOUR tribute is the most eloquent. Your artistic skills, your eye, and the love for your nine-year old daughter - who still has her sweet baby face - is so moving. You see the extraordinary in the everyday and that is a true talent.

    A bientôt,


  2. thank you for another wondrous fairytale, dear amelie,
    white and tender and with the first green of spring.

  3. oh, beautiful white flowers!
    the first foto is like taken from a fairytale movie :)
    happy march amelie + elsa!

  4. Ah… merci! Après une longue et un peu dure semaine, je viens me reposer ici en ce Vendredi soir…

  5. Your heart must be lifting with the beauty of spring and the first flowers, we are still buried in snow and will be while yet. Xo's