mardi 1 avril 2014


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  1. Oh je les attendais ces photos... Merveilleuses !

  2. C'est tellement beau ! Raaah , on a tellement hésité pour la carte postale ! Cette dernière d'Elsa reste une de mes préférées !

  3. Que de magnifiques photos par ici !

  4. oh that's so, so beautiful!
    what is little elsa knitting?
    i would love to learn how to knitt or crochet too :)

  5. Dearest Amélie,

    My visits have been frequent on this beautiful log of your daughter's life but my comments have been sparse. I am so sorry. Trust in the fact that I think of you regularly. I showed my husband your pictures yesterday evening and we were both struck by the kntting needles echoed by the straight pussy willow and prunus twigs<; The colour of Elsa's yarn is one of my favourites too. She looks most adept at knitting indeed. Happy days to you, dear Amélie.