mercredi 21 mai 2014

Switzerland seen by Elsa

You might have noticed here and there, Elsa also taking pictures. 
She recently became more and more interested in photography and asked for her own proper camera. I decided to offer her one of mine. And so she starts, with a very old manual mechanical Minolta. Learning the hard way, with 35 mm films, about aperture, speed...
Here is a series from her first film, dedicated to Switzerland.

5 commentaires:

  1. beautiful point of view.
    she catches the little details :)

  2. What a wonderful gift you have given Elsa! And with her gentleness she is and will show us a beautiful world. Kisses to both. Kenza.

  3. Dear Elsa
    You will be wonderful photographer as your mother!

  4. her eye roams and dreams
    like her mother's . . .

  5. C'est très beau de lui avoir transmis ta passion,Elsa nous invite à de belles promesses...