mardi 16 septembre 2014

A garden on the roof. Norwegian houses

A garden on the roof, where birches, raspberrries and wild strawberries grow....

Norway is a paradise of open air museums, gathering traditional dwellings from middle age to twentieth century. We've been enjoying a few of them, enchanting for everyone in the family.
Yet wooden houses are not only in museums but everywhere in Norway.
I wish I had a garden on my roof...

3 commentaires:

  1. I always leave your space here feeling happy, inspired and restored. Thank you dear Amélie for taking the time to share with us your adventures far flung and close to home.


  2. a garden above my head, walls of wood to surround me
    i wish too, dear Amelie,
    thank you for the dream.

  3. Oh! J'avais oublié de te dire que notre maison est faite avec une toiture ainsi, with a garden on the roof! Mais Amélie, comment trouver les mots "suffisants" pour témoigner notre admiration envers tous tes billets, avec ces images qui parlent à l'âme directement. C'est un sacré défi!!