mardi 21 octobre 2014

Glacier. Oslo opera house

5 commentaires:

  1. You are a true artist my dear Amélie! I have been feasting my eyes on your gorgeous imagery, catching up on months of missed posts. Elsa seemed to have matured overnight! Sending you all my best, ShannonAnn

  2. very interesting buildings.
    and the creation in the water looks like a ship
    or like an iceberg :)

  3. Extraordinary, chere Amélie...absolutely stunning....goodness, you make my soul sing! :) Oh my that shot of the sky and
    And it looks like beautiful Elsa is taking after Maman... :)))
    Thank you for your friendship...and exquisite inspiration!
    - Irina

  4. this for sure is a world that exists
    but through your eyes, elsa's gait,
    it becomes a fiction, a high plateau, an otherworldly shipwreck.

  5. J'avais quelques posts de retard !
    Mais tout est d'une beauté telle, que les mots ne peuvent pas te dire à quel point ton art photographique me transporte!!!