mercredi 10 juin 2015

Elsa at her violin

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  1. You play beautiful music with your images Amélie. I can feel it with all my senses. Thank you to you and Elsa.
    (Mind you in one photo she seems to be saying " Do I really have to practice some more Mum??' !)

    1. Dear Jane,
      well, yes, you may be right :) ... although it may also be "are you finished with the photos?"! (Elsa says the last is more likely:))

  2. such a great composition of photos, along with her music, it's like we can listen to her playing the violin...

  3. what is elsa playing with her violin? :)
    beautiful flowers around.

  4. Dear Amélie, Hello! I am so happy to have a moment to visit you here and soak up some of the beautifulness you share. I think of you and your Elsa while we are home on our little mountain. And it is always nice to hear from you. Perhaps we could share real letters someday? (Or even just email, though I don't often get online anymore.) Wishing you a lovely summer season! With love, Renee

  5. Exquisitely beautiful, chere Amelie!
    The violin is very special to me (parents violinists and I used to play)...
    Elsa's "violin" hands are gorgeous...I hope she loves it...she is creating magic, you know...just like you... :)

    Warm hugs,
    ~ Irina

  6. Merci, Amelie! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind message. It's wonderful that Elsa loves her violin, and I hope she is having a marvelous time at camp! I think my love was more toward the cello, but now I'm learning how to play daughter is actually teaching me... :)
    It is a joy to see the world through your brilliant artistic eyes...
    Have a beautiful day, sweet friend...
    - Irina

  7. Magnifique. Que de beauté! Cela faisait un moment que je n'étais venue et je m'excuse. Maintenant je me remplis de beauté et d'inspiration en ce Dimanche soir. Merci et bises à tous.