mercredi 9 septembre 2015

Brittany. Agapanthuses

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  1. Like a sea of blue, just lovely Amélie. I hadn't realised I had missed so many posts, and have enjoyed looking at your other recent ones in Brittany. They never cease to make me sigh. Your photography is breathtaking.

  2. dear Amelie, i have just gone through all the brittany series, lingered at every image of the landscape and of Elsa (at times it feels as if they are one), drank in the grey expanses . . . It's overwhelming to be back here, especially now that we're covered in desert dust, you make me dream and hope. I have missed you both.

  3. beautiful flower.
    i always love the color combinations in your fotos.

  4. Oh j'aime! Et j'aime qu'on s'habille un peu pareil Elsa et moi!
    (je n'arrive pas à signer avec mon blog pour te laisser un commentaire)