dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Jidai Matsuri 時代祭

The festival of Ages, 時代祭, is held in Kyoto every year at the end of October: about 2000 persons dressed in sumptuous costumes of all ages of Japan history, from the Heian to the Meiji period, parade thought the city. Although associated with formal ceremonies, the atmosphere is very pleasant and easy going, performers are thoroughly enjoying themselves with friends and family. An awesome and magical moment!

4 commentaires:

  1. Quelle richesse dans les costumes.Un savoir faire incroyable. Merci.

  2. Magnifique! Les couleurs, les tissus, tout! Merci pour ce beau voyage.
    Et je dois dire que le monsieur dans la huitième photo est vraiment charmant! [sourire]

  3. amazed with the fotos in your 3 last posts!
    so many interesting and beautiful things to see.
    i love the colors!

  4. such a beautiful festival and what a luck to enjoy it...