samedi 19 novembre 2016

Fall in Montreux. Chrysanthemum

3 commentaires:

  1. Magnifique. Oui la saison des Chrysanthèmes commence! J'adore les cheveux d'Elsa.
    Bisous à tous! Kenza.

  2. So very beautiful, you understand light so well.
    I have missed seeing your world. Life has been crazy busy this fall...but you are never forgotten.xoxo

  3. Dear Amélie, I hope you are enjoying late autumn with your family. So many beautiful photos for me to catch up on. I love the yellow and golden here, Elsa and her music in your last post, and there was a post a while back with a gorgeous floral fabric that I keep thinking about... Thank you for sharing, thank you for always taking the time to say hello. I have missed you and am so glad to be back in touch. With love, Renee