vendredi 28 octobre 2011

Autumn in Sologne

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh, it is so nice to have you back! Have been thinking of you. The pictures of details of flowers, leaves, light holder and such, really make me feel that it is a little French film while there is a beautiful and mysterious little girl in it...:) Have a nice weekend, dear friend!

  2. Il est beau ce coin... tout doux, tout doux. Bonne fin de semaine et merci pour l'adorable commentaire!

  3. Une atmosphère automnale...mais dans les yeux c'est déjà la fête des lumières qui se prépare.

  4. Autumn beautifully captured. The atmosphere is not that different, despite a little distance between us.

    Thank you for your visit and the beautiful words you left for me.

    Hello, lovely Elsa - I love your elegant hair.

  5. The images are like extracted from a little movie. So photogenic. So atmospheric. Love the 5th one so much!
    Really nice details and editing :)