mercredi 12 octobre 2011


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  1. Oh comme elle est mignone! oui la craie... par ici aussi c'est un plaisir!

  2. Les enfants sont "connectés", ils savent, le geste est libre, je suis fascinée par cela.

  3. Dear Amelie, you brought me to some beautiful colors that I had never noticed before which are so beautiful... Thank you for this. I admire your sense of colors and details of daily life.... It is a beautiful brown color!

  4. How lovely to do chalk graffiti! My environmental artist, little Elsa!
    We don't always do this. But last year, when we visited an art event in a remote village, iza was offered with some chalk and allowed to draw everywhere exterior ... she's so happy. She's excited by your images and recalled the precious experience. She wants to do it right away!
    Thanks dear Amelie for sharing this lovely moments with us. They are so inspiring :)

  5. Hello Amélie,
    I found my way here through 'Caramel Caramelo'. Thankfull now for leading me the way to your place of explicit beauty, and little Elsa (such a lovely name).
    Many kind greetings,
    Lilli (in Norway)

  6. Comme elles sont belles tes photos, Amélie!! Je suis si heureuse d´avoir découvrir ton blog grace a Lilli de Mothwise. ♥