mardi 31 janvier 2012

Memories from Japan. 冬の日本

Japan was for many years a country of dreams and inspiration, until, two years ago in January ... Elsa's papa was sent to work in japan for some weeks. Elsa and I followed. 
She was about to turn 5 at the time, curious and enthousiastic, she immensely enjoyed it... the hot springs and many temples specially, and to our surprise - she who had never been much interested in food - raw fish and dry squid!
1. Elsa's watercolour inspired by camelia, then  in bloom in Tokyo. 2-4. Nikko. 5. Tokyo bay. 6. one of my old painting, now in Elsa's room.

9 commentaires:

  1. Ah, so beautiful, and still a land of dreams. Look at thouse beautiful mountains! And what a talented painter you are. A work of pure perfection.
    Happy February, very soon here
    Lilli x

  2. Le Japon m'attire particulièrement, et les évènements de l'année dernière m'ont beaucoup affectée. Cette peinture est très inspirante, elle me plaît beaucoup! Je te félicite, vraiment! Une suite?

  3. somehow kids are more open to new things than we think...

  4. Beautiful! Your painting is so serene! And I love Elsa's rendering... Thank you for sharing this. Happy February! (we are off to Mexico for a month tomorrow but will stay in touch through the blog La Tulipe.) Bisous à tous!

  5. How beautiful your painting is! Love the expression of the girl. So peaceful. Ink is versatile and rich, it creates a depth for imagination.
    Can't agree more, Japan is a country of dreams. It's full of inspirations and wonders. I really admire that the way they respect traditional cultures, preserve and revive traditional crafting techniques.
    Thanks so much for sharing, dear Amelie!

  6. J'ai assisté jeudi soir à une représentation de théâtre comique japonais, le shuogen. Un spectacle offert à la France en remerciement de la générosité des français deuxième pays après les USA, pour son aide.
    Tu es très douée.

  7. I'm so glad to see Japan through your eyes.I feel that you and Elsa could have wonderful time in Japan,which makes me happy.I love Elsa's painting.How cute her red circle is!
    Your painting is delicate,soft and so beautiful.It's goes without saying that you are gifted artist.

  8. Your painting is beautiful Amelie! I should have guessed you were a painter, as your photographs are exquisite! Xo's

  9. Votre blog, si beau et singulier, n'en finit pas de me surprendre, et me transporter, toujours. Je vous trouve très douées toutes les deux pour créer de si belles images en peinture, dessin ou photo.