jeudi 2 février 2012

Memories from Japan. 東京

Our first day in Tokyo. Elsa spent most of the morning running around this fountain, nearby the imperial palace gardens. It kept changing shapes and the sun was playing rainbows in its sparkling waters. At first, I felt a bit impatient, longing for discovering, well, other wealths of the city... But her joy was so communicative that I sat there and enjoyed with her this idle and happy moment.

5 commentaires:

  1. De douces images qui me rappellent de beaux souvenirs aussi (ma fille s'appelle aussi Sakae!)

  2. I wish I have directly seen Elsa in Tokyo at that time.
    How lovely she was! I am sure everyone,who was there,was so fascinated with her.

  3. Peut-être avez-vous croisé mon mari qui s'y trouvait à cette période !
    Elsa semblait chez elle à l'autre bout du monde.

  4. Somehow Elsa and Tokyo seems to melt together in a natural way. Both so beautiful, love Elsa's outfit.
    Lilli x

  5. What beautiful special.x