jeudi 9 février 2012

My winter baby. Seven

Today, Elsa is seven. Happy birthday, my dear.

WHERE have I come from, where did you pick me up?" the baby asked its mother.
She answered half crying, half laughing, and clasping the baby to her breast, "You were hidden in my heart as its desire, my darling.
You were in the dolls of my childhood's games; and when with clay I made the image of my god every morning, I made and unmade you then.
You were enshrined with our household deity, in his worship I worshipped you.
In all my hopes and my loves, in my life, in the life of my mother you have lived.
In the lap of the deathless Spirit who rules our home you have been nursed for ages.
When in girlhood my heart was opening its petals, you hovered as a fragrance about it.
Your tender softness bloomed in my youthful limbs, like a glow in the sky before the sunrise.
Heaven's first darling, twin-born with the morning light, you have floated down the stream of the world's life, and at last you have stranded on my heart.
As I gaze on your face, mystery overwhelms me; you who belong to all have become mine.
For fear of losing you I hold you tight to my breast. What magic has snared the world's treasure in these slender arms of mine?"

Rabindranath Tagore.
The beginning in The crescent moon

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  1. Happy birthday sweet Elsa!! How wonderful to be seven. May love and peace be always with you.
    I can smell the fragrance and feel the softness of your baby. I can see the glow in her eyes, just as the glow now we find in her every gaze. This post, these pictures and these words are so precious! Thanks so much for sharing my dearest Amelie! You are elegant and papa looks so philosophical! Now I know where Elsa's gracefulness comes from :)

  2. Joyeux anniversaire douce Elsa!
    Tagore... quelle merveille!

  3. Comme c'est chouette de te voir ! Et de voir toute cette resemblance entre vous!
    Joyeux anniversaire Elsa, continue à nous enchanter avec ton naturel et ta beauté.

  4. Happy birthday dear Elsa! How sweet you are!
    I am very glad to send you my sincere congratulation on your birthday.I am looking forward to seeing your growth.
    I am sure you will be a beautiful and sophisticated lady.
    Dear Amelie, I admire chic elegance of you very much.

  5. Bon anniversaire à Elsa, belle fête à ses parents! Votre fille est magnifique et одухотворённая (désolée, je ne trouve pas d'équivalent à ce mot russe)
    Mon petit bonhomme a 1 mois exactement aujourd'hui, un autre winter baby.

    Птицей взмываешь в небо бездонное,
    Сам ты как небо новорождённое.
    Как был он светел,
    День, обозначивщий путь твой на свете!

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter : )

  7. Loveliest Elsa, beautiful little family!
    We share with you the joy of turning 7, Elsa. I feel so privileged that you send my eyes and thoughts to the simple beauty of life, every time I visit!
    Hurra (like we would say) Elsa!
    Lilli x
    A special thought to you too, Amélie!

  8. Happy Birthday Elsa! A beautiful baby grown into a gorgeous young lady!

  9. Ooh je suis en retard pour lui souhaiter un bon anniversaire... désolée.
    Quel beau texte, très vrai, très émouvant.

  10. Je suis très en retard... pour dire "joyeux anniversaire Elsa"!
    Ces images me touchent beaucoup et je suis heureuse de te voir. Ce texte est une musique, ces mots rejoignent ce que je ressens, tout au fond de mon coeur, lorsque je pense à mes trois enfants, au temps où ils étaient bébés.

  11. Avez-vous vu les peintures de Rabindranath Tagore au Petit Palais?