dimanche 26 février 2012

Dreams of snow

I grew up in south of France, where summers are hot and winters mild. To the child I was snow was a rare marvel. On a precious day of snow I asked my mum and dad “where is the land of snow?” “Siberia” answered they. Why Siberia amongst the world’s snowy places? … realm of bitter cold and as inaccessible as the Snow Queen’s palace. But since then, I dreamt for many years about Siberia as a bright snow jewel. Years came and went, the image changed, turned into a darker yet mysterious and desirable jewel.  And then I went, and went again. Snow had then little to do with it anymore, though I never considered going there in summertime … I was 19, and thought dreams were to be realized.
I had many dreams of course… become mother of six children, live in a house made of wood and glass … dreams that went with life, echo of  Lilli's words: “sometimes dreams become like old friends, to say goodbye can be hard, but necessary”.

I still marvel at snow…

First photo: Novosibirsk, March 1990

"Je vous écris d’un pays lointain : il se situe entre le Moyen Age et le XXIème siècle, entre la terre et la lune, entre l’humiliation et le bonheur, ensuite c’est tout droit". Chris Marker Lettre de Sibérie, 1958.

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  1. Magnifique billet! As-tu lu Andreï Maikine "Au temps du fleuve Amour"?

  2. Thanks for sharing your dream, dear Amelie!
    I had a little dreamed friend when I was young ... I used to sit beside the window to imagine a tiny pink flying elephant would come and pick me up ... and fly away :) I was also very into those colorful beetles hiding between leaves ... I thought I was one of them. I was always flying in my dreams when I slept ... these dreams continued from childhood into my early 30s ... But not quite often now. Yes, they are like my old friends.
    The first picture is awesome.
    Thanks for the lovely post.

  3. Amelie, there is something so magical about snow, especially if you are warm and cozy in the proper clothes. We are lucky in Newfoundland where we get a lot of snow but usually fairly mild temperatures.

  4. Je n'aime pas le froid, ni la neige salée et sale des rues de Moscou.
    Depuis que j'ai quitté le pays lointain j'ai dû oublier oh combien cette même neige pouvait remplir nos cœurs de joie quand elle brillait de mille feux au soleil, éclatante, vierge, crissant sous nos pas.
    Entre la boue et la lumière... il avait bien raison Chris Marker.

  5. Comme tu écris bien.
    J'aime à me dire que je ne dis pas au revoir à mes rêves. Ils prennent une autre forme, voilà tout.

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  7. Qu'est-ce qui illustre mieux l'autre, le texte ou les images? tous me plaisent...

  8. Quelques images, un texte, un extrait de livre et en quelques minutes, me voilà partie pour un lointain voyage, merci Amélie de nous emmener ainsi!