vendredi 22 février 2013

Fire. 火

This year's theme was "the 4 elements". After a snowy ballerina and a spring flower, Elsa chose the fire for Carnival day at school.

6 commentaires:

  1. what a beautiful, shimmery flame . . .

  2. You are, just like your daughter, a star! I have gazed with pleasure at all three of your costumes and smiled because we seem to have similar tastes. I LOVE carnival and theatre and the costumes which spring to mind. One of my loves is Baroque opera. If you have a moment take a look at Le Poème harmonique's site: I think you will be inspired by the devotion to seventeenth-century colour themes and fabrics.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  3. J'adore son sourire! si plein de lumière!

  4. Enchanting!
    ... and right into the carnival spirit : )