vendredi 15 février 2013

Water stays still for wonder


Water stays still for wonder;
Herb and flower,
Else starved with cold,
In warmth and darkness cower.

Miracle, far and near, 
That starry flake
Can of its myriads
Such wide pasture make, 

For sun to colour,
And for moon to wan,
And day's vast vault of blue
To arch upon!

A marvel of light,
Whose verge of radiance seems
Frontier to paradise, 
The bourne of dream.


Walter De La Mare
in Memory & Other poems

5 commentaires:

  1. It's a beautiful poem and a deepened dimension in your pictures. The blue, the green and the white, the sun has coloured the still water in such rich way and is waiting for our ponderer. The red radiates through the white. Thanks for the marvel of light, dear Amélie :)

  2. Quel regard tu as ! Tu nous ouvres les yeux !

  3. i love this icy cotton crop,
    the starry flake.

  4. Gosh.. such beautiful images to match this beautiful poem.x