samedi 9 mars 2013


7 commentaires:

  1. This is the cutest doll house I have ever seen! Every little girls dream : )

  2. Oh, how sweet! Did the two of you build it together? I love the little details!

  3. This is most definitely a small-scale paradise in my opinion! I am quite certain Elsa must feel the same way. People always used to tell me when my Héloïse was Elsa's age to enjoy those doll-loving years as they sped away so fast. Not so! My daughter, now seventeen almost, stayed delightfully young and imaginative in her head. It looks as though Elsa will do too; lucky girl.


  4. how our little mouse would love to come and play
    especially outside in that pretty garden :)

  5. oH!!!! Comme j'aime cette délicatesse. Et ce tricot miniature, je craque complètement!
    Où as-tu trouvé ces merveilles? Peut-être homemade?
    Les chambres de nos enfants sont en construction,
    tes images m'inspirent pour arranger celle de Bianca.
    Bonnes vacances à vous tous. Bises!