lundi 29 avril 2013


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  1. Dear Amélie,

    Can you imagine how capable of living joyfully Elsa will be with this wonderful wave of creative inspiration gently surrounding her every day,

    I simply had to respond to your sweet words on my blog this evening. We left central Paris eight years ago (we lived around the corner from the Palais royal - and, although I am happy where we live now, I have never completely closed that chapter in my heart. I held on to it beautifully by studying for my thesis in la BnF, rue Richelieu since leaving...I think I understand how you must feel. Paris is Paris. Enough said.

    Warmest wishes,


  2. Just beautiful, I love the special light on her:~)

  3. always your special light
    enveloping her,
    like love

  4. Très belle association de couleurs,
    "majorellesque" ;-)
    Atmosphères et lumières toujours aussi reposantes et finalement, intriguantes.
    Elsa et toi formez un beau duo pour ces belles compositions que vous nous offrez régulièrement. Merci pour ce partage!

  5. oh those yellows and blues... such beauty

    Thanks for passing by and commenting my dearest Amelie

    Enjoy a lovely weekend : )

  6. Merci pour ce moment rempli de rêve, de poésie. Joyeux Printemps.

  7. Oh, j'aime les photos! Elsa inspire un instinct creatif dans votre coeur certainement!