mardi 2 avril 2013

Spring snow. 春雪

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  1. I love these photos, each one could be a painting. You live in a very beautiful world. Xo's

  2. Dear Amélie,

    Every time I visit your space here and revel in its beauty, I enjoy the air of mystery which exists here. I cannot help but feel that were we to live close by we might have so much to discuss and share but at the same time I love the fairytale detachment of your blog. I hope that makes sense :-)

    Happy Thursday to you.


  3. Beautiful Amelie, such lovely photos, and the crocus look happy to have found the sunshine after the snow! Found your blog via a comment from millefeuilles on Foxglove Lane blog:) Bye for now Jane

  4. i love Elsa's apparition in the snow
    and the sun breaking through crocus skin . . .
    i wish you warmth + light

  5. It's heartbreaking, that powder snow on the first spring flowers... It always feels unnatural when it happens here too...
    The photographs are so beautiful
    love the one with the sunlight

  6. Ces photos sont "La Primavera"! Merci!