mercredi 8 mai 2013

In springtime...

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  1. I cannot remember the last time I saw so many daisies and dandelions! We cannot see the grass for the daisies in our garden and it makes me think of Renaissance paintings. I like it even if it goes against the British Lawn aesthetics. I recall my father turning up his nose at one or two daisies sprouting on our family lawn.

    Happy days to you, Amélie.


  2. Wonderful Wonderful
    Spring is there!
    It got green here after the rain but it takes a bit more before the flowers come...

    Lots of love from Norway dear Amelie

  3. Your images are like paintings. I can feel the spring breeze when I look at them. Sometimes I really miss four seasons. Happy spring dear Amelie and Elsa.

  4. It is inspiring to watch as the leaves unfurl and the flowers start to bloom. It is only just happening, but everyday there is something new to discover! Happy Spring!!!

  5. Superbes! Mille bises de printemps!

  6. Je les aime ces photos ! Elles sont belles belles belles !