mercredi 29 mai 2013

Treasures from Cyprus

When I started "bateaux de papier", friendships came as unexpected joys.
Some of you I've met, some of you I know I will meet ... some time, some how.
Precious presents arrived home from Cyprus, an amazing colouring book and herbs from a garden
 I'd love to visit. The scent and sun of Mediterranea entered our kitchen ... thank you dear Xenia.

6 commentaires:

  1. How beautiful is that!
    One thing I love about blogging is all these wonderful people around the world I would never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

    so lovely

    (I couldn't help reading that you might come to Norway?
    please let me know. It would be lovely to meet!)

    enjoy a wonderful Thursday : )

  2. oh, dear Amelie, the thought of sharing some moments with you
    in our little garden - would you come? it will always be open for you
    i'm sorry we missed a recent chance, but we will create many others


  3. I hope that I have a chance to meet you one day, I am always delighted when you come to visit my blog! The love and support of the blog world is wonderful and amazing!

  4. this is so, touching.

    happy to see these stories and gatherings
    and to know you both, dear amelie and xenia

  5. Un plaisir de decouvrir une si jolie histoire! Que ferions nous sans 'blogland'?!
    It is really a wonderful way to connect, is it not? I am forever grateful my daughter recommended it for me in a moment of homesickness! Cheaper than a therapist, right?!
    Lovely book! Will you share its title?

  6. Dear Amélie,

    Each and every post you write is filled with your own special kind of magic. I consider it a privilege to be a witness to all this beauty.

    Happy Friday to you and your family.