vendredi 4 mars 2011

Days in Sologne (4). 竹林

Elsa's first oil pastel drawing

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  1. How beautiful! The colors, the setting... and the pastel is really amazing. And such a pretty little lady... romantic in her dress and look.
    Thanks for your kind comment and visit. I am really touched. Thank you.

  2. Wow, I am impressed by the Chinese words you use to this post竹林, what a surprise:)!

    Love Elsa's pastel and the pictures, just like a little movie which is full of mood. And the color of the pastel matches with 竹林. Very beautiful,indeed!

    Have a nice new week!

  3. I like 竹林 very much.
    I have been to 竹林 in kyoto once,I had peaceful feeling there.
    How nice this post is!
    I think you have Japanese"wabi.sabi" in your heart.

  4. Stunning pictures!
    The atmosphere is serene and sublime.
    Little Elsa is so beautiful, she's like a fairy wandering in the woods.
    Love the colors, her hair style, duo colors ribbons, the yellow scarf ... and lovely painting.
    It's such a delight to be here and get inspired.
    I wish to go for a walk with iza and get a little scrap on colors this weekend :)
    Thanks so much for sharing dear Amélie.