lundi 21 mars 2011

Days in Switzerland. Falling snow

有山有水, 雪下

As are Japan and Norway, Switzerland is a favourite holidays destination of our family (and, being much closer, is a much more frequent one !).
While living there years ago, I fell in love with Montreux. Little Elsa playing under the falling snow here is just about to turn 4, two years ago.

Snowing; snowing;
Oh, between earth and sky
A wintry wind is blowing,
Scattering with its sigh
Petals from trees of silver that shine
Like invisible glass, when the moon
In the void of night on high
Paces her orchards divine.

Snowing; snowing;
Ah me, how still, and how fair
The air with flakes interflowing,
The fields crystal and bare,
When the brawling brooks are dumb
And the parched trees matted with frost,
And the birds in this wilderness stare
Dazzled and numb !

Snowing… snowing…  snowing:
Moments of time through space
Into hours, centuries growing,
Till the world's marred lovely face,
Wearied of change and chance,
Radiant in an innocence dream -
Lulled by an infinite grace
To rest an eternal trance.

Walter de la Mare
Snowing in The fleeting and Other Poems 

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh, the first, the second, and the third!!!

    I just love everything you put on Elsa. Maybe you can design something for Naive Days, when you are free enough, my dear friend:)

    How much I like the blue color of Elsa's hat, the sky and sea from the first picture. Very Beautiful, indeed!

    Normally, Chinese say, 有山有水, 下雪 了。 And you say it, 有山有水, 雪下 了。 Then, it is another kind of becomes a sentence from a poem:) All this is just amazing...

  2. These images are beautiful!!
    The first one is so powerful! So strong! A storm in the unruffled peace.
    Little Elsa seems having fun :) I love her hat and the knitted coat so much!!!!
    Sweet Elsa in lovely stripes!
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature dear Amélie.
    The nature, it's the place where our hearts and souls rest.

  3. Thank you dear you two. You are rays of sunshine in my life, throught your blogs and throught your comments you warm my heart.
    I'd be very honoured to design something for Naive Days, dear Fei An ! Though, while the knitted coat is my design, the hat is not from me but from a very nice shop in Paris (

  4. These last posts on Switzerland are beautiful! Yes, one of my favorite destinations! Little Elsa is so precious in all the white fluff!

  5. Dear Amelie, thanks for the link! Love it. Oh yes, just design some clothing, make it a sample, put it Elsa and take some pictures. I will post it to my shop and blog:) Let's have fun together:)