dimanche 13 mars 2011

Ore Giapponesi. 日本

I was preparing a series of posts about books Elsa and I like much. With our thoughts turned toward Japan in these terrible days, I choose this one as my first literary post. It's not really for Elsa yet, although she may be interested in some parts already. 
"Ore Giapponesi" by Fosco Maraini is a very precious gift from one of my dearest and oldest friends, Sophie. We met nearly 25 years ago, in Chengdu. The book can't be found any longer in its french translation and she offered me her own. 
Fosco Maraini was an Italian ethonologist who lived in Japan with his family from 1938 to 1945. He returned in the 50's and wrote this book. Every sentence is a treasure of elegance and intelligence and his breathtaking photos are marvels. My great joy is that it is a very thick book and that the reading pleasure lasts long…

"Printemps au parc Meiji", "Vieux paysan de la région de Tottori", "Jeune paysanne d'Ohara", photos by Fosco Maraini

"C'est un peu comme cette part de la réalité de notre âme que nous apercevons dans nos rêves et sans laquelle on ne pourrait jamais saisir la vraie nature de notre très mystérieux être".  
Henry Miller, writing about about Japon and japanese culture in preface to "A portrait of Shunkin" by Tanizaki Jun'ichiro.

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  1. Dear Amelie, thanks for this beautiful post. I am thinking of Sonoko these two days. And I can imagine how hard it is of this time for Japanese people...

    I share your pleasure of indulging yourself in a whole different culture, and I know the joy of reading a thick book and get to know the country, the culture and people that I wish to know more.

    P.S I send the parcel yesterday. It should arrive this coming week:)

  2. This is precious.
    I'm touched by their faces, no matter the beautiful youth or the face of maturity ...
    There's lots of wisdom in the book.
    Thanks so much for the inspirations, dear Amelie.
    I'm looking forward to your literature series :)

  3. Dear Amélie, my mind is filled with fascination and images when i know that you once lived near to Le Corbusier's building !!:)
    My memory is still vivid ... i was over blown by Ronchamp and burst into tears when i first visited the chapel in 1988!
    The next year, our school trip was to India, where we've visited Chandigarh ... a city planned by Le Corbusier.
    Though the city planning might not be a successful one, I felt the passion of the master in his buildings.
    I feel i'm a little student again :)

  4. This is wonderful! I have noted the book, I will look for it. It is the kind of thing I love to read plus you say it is long, which make it even better And the quote is beautiful. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for leaving your warm messages in my blog.I am sorry I am late for thanks for your kindness.
    Now,I won't any post in my blog for some time,but I will continue follow your beautiful blog.
    Have a nice week,dear Amelie.